Latino Activist: Border Crisis Will Be 'Rosa Parks Moment' for Illegal Aliens

Latino Activist: Border Crisis Will Be 'Rosa Parks Moment' for Illegal Aliens

As thousands of illegal immigrants have crossed the U.S. Southern Border and flooded into Texas and many are now being flown into California, one member of a Latino pro-immigration organization claims that “This issue with the children could be the Rosa Parks moment in the immigration debate.”

ABC10 reported that the first of several planes carrying illegal aliens from Central America, which was scheduled to land Tuesday at 10:00 a.m., will be transporting the passengers to Murrieta for screening and relocation. Enrique Morones, one of the leaders of Border Angels, a group sympathetic to illegal immigration, plans on spearheading efforts to bring blankets, food, and immigration services to California’s new inhabitants. “If they get sent back, they’ll be killed, they’ll die,” he insists.

Just as Rosa Parks refusing to be moved to the back of the bus defined the beginning of the civil rights movement in America, Morones contends so will the children crossing the border be the defining moment for illegal immigration acceptance. He says, “All of a sudden the switch is going to go on, and we’re going to go, ‘Oh my god, what are we doing?'”

Morones implies that the reason illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America are not wanted in certain communities is racism. “If these kids were Canadian kids, we wouldn’t be having this discussion,” he asserted.

According to ABC10, protester Diana Serafin is leading a charge of hundreds in Murrieta against the illegal aliens’ coming to their suburban community. She and others oppose the relocation plan and see themselves as preventing crime and the spread of diseases like tuberculosis. “The Border Patrol sent me the sheet of everything they have to do to protect themselves from the diseases,” the appalled Serafin explained. “Right here locally at Murrieta we were sent this.”