Oakland Mayor Has Yet To Provide Insurance Info 3 Weeks After Car Accident

Oakland Mayor Has Yet To Provide Insurance Info 3 Weeks After Car Accident

Oakland mayor Jean Quan has not yet provided her insurance information to Lakisha Lovely, the driver of another vehicle who was injured after the two were involved in a car accident nearly three weeks ago, according to Lovely’s attorney.

CBS San Francisco reports that Lovely’s attorney, Charles Kelly, has become exasperated with Quan’s inability to produce the necessary documents.

“In all my 20 years, I’ve never gotten such a runaround from someone who was involved in the accident and not been able to get their insurance,” Kelly told CBS. “Just quit playing games. Just do what every other law abiding citizen in California does when they’re in an accident. Give over your insurance information.”

Lovely and her 14-year-old passenger were reportedly in pain after the accident and were taken to a hospital for evaluation. The crash also damaged the mayor’s city-leased vehicle.

Quan, for her part, says the whole thing is a misunderstanding.

“You know, she never asked me,” Quan said in an interview with KPIX5. “I always keep a copy in my glove compartment. You know, I told her that we’re self-insured and she should call and she didn’t have hers either. And I said, ‘why don’t we just call tomorrow, so I’ve got to go.'”

When pressed by KPIX5 about allegations that Quan’s lawyer is holding up the process, the mayor shrugged it off.

“I haven’t been holding it,” she said. “She just got a letter from the City Attorney.”

This is not the first time that Quan has had driving-related problems; the mayor was caught running a red light in April of last year