'Pimps and Purchasers' Website Launched by Oakland Police Department

'Pimps and Purchasers'  Website Launched by Oakland Police Department

A list of “pimps and purchasers” will be featured on a new website launched by the Oakland Police Department. The list that you never want to be on includes suspects arrested and charged with soliciting prostitutes or benefiting from the illegal activity.

Citing human trafficking as its highest priority, Alameda County and Bay Area law enforcement officials decided to create the hall of shame to detract potential sex crime violators from participating in the sordid endeavor. SFGate reported that arrestees’ names, dates of birth, cities of residence, and dates of arrest-along with a mug shot-will be online for public viewing.

For those who are arrested for soliciting prostitutes, frequently referred to as “johns” but on the website referred to as purchasers, a statement reads: “The individuals shown below have been arrested and charged for solicitation of prostitution and/or related charges. They are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

The crackdown is part of a sweeping Bay Area-wide child sex sweep, which last week resulted in the rescue of six underage teenage prostitutes and the arrest of thirteen individuals for pimping. Last week, Breitbart News reported on San Francisco adult entertainment website myredbook.com, which was shut down by the FBI and the IRS for allegedly facilitating prostitution of adults and minors.

“We are dedicated to identifying and rescuing victims of trafficking and locating and arresting perpetrators of this crime,” City of Oakland police said. “We work closely with the Alameda County district attorney’s office to hold the perpetrators of these serious crimes accountable and with victim advocacy groups to provide support to the victims.”