Occupy Protester on Illegal Immigrants: 'We Need to Take Care of Those Children'

Occupy Protester on Illegal Immigrants: 'We Need to Take Care of Those Children'

A member of Occupy San Diego spoke out today against anti-illegal immigration protesters, following a Wednesday Border Angels press conference, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

Laura Cole said she is a former Occupy member, Quaker, and part of the North County Immigration Taskforce. In regards to what should be done with the children, Cole said, “There’s a whole process, and nowhere in the process does it say that people who are bigots or people who don’t want to take care of children can impede that plan. I mean it’s ridiculous.”

“We can’t let those who have their own misinformation get in the way of what needs to get done,” said Cole, adding, “We need to take care of those children.”

When asked about the effect of human smugglers and cartels bringing children across the border and those children that are abused and hurt in the process, Cole said, “What is the number one most basic issue? The most basic issue is that we have children who come to our country, and they need our help. The political, all the circles going on, all the other issues, we’ll have to take care of that regardless.”

Cole was asked about a sign she held up that displayed the names of numerous organizations. She commented that some of the groups listed on the sign were present at the press conference and were present because they “are outraged.”

President Obama has made comments regarding what to do with the influx of illegal alien children, to which Cole commented, “I think it’s a fluid situation, but I think there are legal steps that have to be taken. In a way, the whole issue of what Obama is doing, I trust that he’s going to make the good decision.”

The Wednesday press conference was held at the Border Angels office in San Diego, California. It was put together in response to anti-illegal alien protesters that caused a bus full of illegal aliens, transferred from Texas, to be turned back from the Murrieta Border Patrol station in southern California, where they were supposed to be processed.

The three buses ended up being rerouted to the Chula Vista Border Patrol station, but may yet be brought back to the Murrieta station. Similar transfers are scheduled to come every 72 hours from Texas through San Diego and north to the Murrieta station.