Poll: Immigrants Happier than Native-Born Californians with Wealth Gap

Poll: Immigrants Happier than Native-Born Californians with Wealth Gap

According to a new Field poll, more native-born Californians think wealth disparity in the state is a problem than foreign-born immigrants. 

There is a distinct split: 60% of the native-born are more upset about the wealth gap, while 40% of immigrants don’t see it as a priority. Yet only 30% of natives want government to get involved, and only 41% support an unscheduled minimum wage hike. 43% of the immigrants largely support government involvement, and 63% favor an additional hike in the minimum wage.

Despite the fact that a majority of Californians, 54%, think the disparity between the rich and the poor is not right, there is no majority that wants government to go to great lengths to fix the problem. 34% of Californians want the government to do a lot to remedy the problem, 33% say to do some fixing, and 24% say either for the government to do little or nothing.

The battle lines are strictly partisan: 81% of Democrats want the government to intervene in creating financial equity among the populace, supported by 82% of strong leftists who think the wealth gap is larger than ever. A plurality of Republicans, 46%, opposes government intervention. 

Among the Latino population, the same split between those born in the U.S. and those born elsewhere is exhibited. 53% of native Latinos say the wealth disparity is more of a problem, while only 41% of the immigrants agree.