Tijuana, San Diego Symphonies Play Concert at Border Fence

Tijuana, San Diego Symphonies Play Concert at Border Fence

Some say that first century Roman emperor Nero played the violin while Rome burned. On Sunday, the San Diego Symphony and the Baja California Orchestra met on opposite sides of the U.S.-Mexico border fence at Friendship Park and played music, while American cities like Murrieta burn with anger over the Obama administration’s decision to house illegal aliens in their communities.

According to NBC4 Southern California, the non-profit group Border Angels organized a concert by the two orchestras as a symbolic gesture to send the message “that music is without borders, like the title of our concert, and it should be like this with relationships with humans.” Apolo Ceja with the Baja California Orchestra, suggested that “borders shouldn’t be with limits or boundaries.”

Ceja didn’t address the fact that music doesn’t potentially carry communicable diseases and overtax an economy that has been undermined by 11 million illegal immigrants. Nevertheless, Ceja and others like Border Angel supporter Yolanda Siordi believe that the concert will alleviate the border crisis and provide hope for the Central American children that are suffering from their journey to cross America’s southern border.

“It’s amazing to see what’s going on, the ages of these children, what they’re going through. As a mother, I personally feel the pain, so we decided to get together with the families to come and help,” said Yolanda.

NBC4 reported that another 140 illegal aliens are expected to arrive in San Diego on Monday. Moreover, according to a source, as reported by Breitbart Texas, federal agents are expected to arrive in riot gear to meet head on with the protesters.