Oakland A's Could Move to San Antonio or Montreal

Oakland A's Could Move to San Antonio or Montreal

Oakland City Councilman Larry Reid is backing the Oakland A’s in their attempt to secure a 10-year lease extension at the Coliseum, and he is warning that the A’s may bolt and leave for Montreal or San Antonio, Texas if the extension doesn’t go through, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. 

Reid told the Chronicle that he was alerted to the possible move by Coliseum Authority negotiators who have been trying for more than a year to implement a lease extension.

A’s spokesman Ken Pries was coy about the situation, saying the A’s were “sitting back and waiting to see what happens (with the Coliseum lease) and hoping for the best.” Reid commented, “They have options,” adding that Montreal “already demonstrated their support of a professional team.”

Of course, the Expos left Montreal for Washington D.C. in 2004 after the city would not replace Olympic Stadium.

On July 3, the A’s and the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority agreed on a new 10-year extension to play games at the Coliseum through the 2024 season. Only a day before, Commissioner Bud Selig had given the A’s the right to move if they was no lease agreement.