Busload of Illegal Aliens a No-Show in Murrieta: Skeptical Protesters Stand Ground

Busload of Illegal Aliens a No-Show in Murrieta: Skeptical Protesters Stand Ground

HOUSTON, Texas–Resistant residents in Murrieta, California were bracing themselves for several busloads of illegal immigrants to arrive in their town on Thursday morning. It now appears, however, that no migrants will be sent to Murrieta–not this week, at least. 

A press release from the National Border Patrol Council, obtained by Breitbart Texas, said, “It has been confirmed that there will not be a flight from Texas to San Diego on July 10, 2014, carrying illegal immigrants from Central America. We do not know when they will resume; subject to change.”

Regardless, concerned citizens remain at the protest grounds, where two busloads of illegal immigrants were turned away last week. Many furious townspeople assert Murrieta should not have to accommodate the never-ending flow of illegal immigrants.

Jeremy Oliver, a resident of Temecula, California–a town that neighbors Murrieta–told Breitbart Texas on Thursday morning, “There are about 400 people here total right now. Word is the buses aren’t coming–but of course there are rumors flying around that they actually are coming.” 

Protesters on the ground fear that if they leave their posts, the federal government will send buses. 

The Murrieta Police Department told Breitbart Texas that several officers remain on the scene “just to keep peace.” 

Many residents and city officials remain disturbed by the lack of transparency; Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez, who represents Murrieta, recently penned a letter to Governor Mike Brown asking that he help with the immigration crisis being forced on her area. Melendez demanded a more transparent system, in which Murrieta would be “given a time in which the federal relocation efforts in [the town] will cease. To date and to my knowledge those requests have been ignored.”

The Assemblywoman went on to write, “It is my understanding that [DHS] will continue to transport 140 undocumented Central American immigrants to Murrieta every seventy-two hours for the foreseeable future.”

Alex Avetoom, a spokesman for Melendez, told Breitbart Texas, “We’re not being told what the stop date is. You cant solve the problem until you figure out how long you have to deal with the problem. They remain very tight-lipped about when buses are coming, probably because they know they’ll be met with protesters.”

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