Dogs Locked in Delivery Truck for One Month in Santa Cruz

Dogs Locked in Delivery Truck for One Month in Santa Cruz

Three dogs have been locked in a delivery truck parked in a lot outside of a Santa Cruz, California-based lawyer’s office for over one month, which has sparked one local resident to take to Facebook and ignite a social media campaign to get the dogs out.

The owner of the truck reportedly suffered from a stroke, and his attorney struck a deal with a local property owner to allow his client to leave his truck parked in his lot while he recovered, according to local ABC affiliate KSBW News. 

The problem started, however, when local residents and business owners started hearing the barks of the dogs from the truck. The property owner reportedly did not know that the truck he was permitting be housed on his property was holding dogs inside of it and has asked for the truck to be removed by Thursday morning, notes KSBW News.

“We kept hearing these dogs whining and crying and barking… especially in the afternoon, when it was hot,” said local business owner Michael Downey, who took to social media to get help for the distressed pooches. He contacted authorities, but police said they couldn’t break into the vehicle unless the dogs were in grave danger.

Julia Shaw, who is taking care of the dogs voluntarily as a favor to their owner’s lawyer, told reporters that she walks, feeds, and gives water to the dogs every day and then puts them back inside the truck. She told KSBW News that they couldn’t physically see the dogs but that they have been checked by animal services.

Animal services reportedly said they are working on a plan to get the dogs removed from the truck and reunited with their owner. However, one KSBW News anchor said, “There may be a plan, but there is no word from animal services on when they expect to put that plan into action.”