TSA Takes a Tough Stance Against Breast Milk

TSA Takes a Tough Stance Against Breast Milk

The working mom of a seven-month-old son alleges that she was detained for an hour by TSA officials at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field as they meticulously scrutinized the bags of breast milk she was carrying. The heavy scrutiny on a working mom’s breast milk and, as Breitbart News has reported, the lapses of scrutiny on illegal aliens who have been able to fly on commercial airlines without identification is mindboggling.

ABC10 News reported that Nicole Moberg, a sales director for a medical company, travels extensively on her job, so she comes prepared with pre-pumped breast milk. She separates the milk into individual plastic bag servings and then puts these into larger, one-gallon Ziploc bags. Moberg says that typically security agents check the large bags, determine their content, then let her on her way.

This time, however, the TSA officials made her take all the approximately 50 individual baggies out and examined each one. She recounted the experience: “It’s a little swatch, and they attach it to a handle, and they kind of swish it over the bag and a little over the milk, and they run it through a machine, and they let me go most of the time,” Moberg said. “This time… they checked every single bag.”

According to ABC10, the TSA regulations say that breast milk is considered liquid medication and therefore “must be declared to the TSA officer at the beginning of the screening process.” Additionally, the TSA protocols allow that “Officers may test liquids for explosives or concealed prohibited items.”

The TSA contends that Nicole is exaggerating and that they only detained her for ten minutes. Based on recent Breitbart News reporting, the TSA’s track record for telling the truth is not good.