Controversy over Skin-Baring San Jose Sharks 'Ice Girls' Uniforms

Controversy over Skin-Baring San Jose Sharks 'Ice Girls' Uniforms

Protest and controversy over new midriff-baring and tight-fitting uniforms, which will be worn by the San Jose Sharks’ “Ice Girls,” has reached social media. The entertainers will be hired as part of a crew of both men and women who will be commissioned to clean the ice during hockey games.

“If the guys are not going to  be wearing tight-fitting clothing, then why are the girls wearing tight-fitting clothing?” Shark’s fan Jarrod Hicks told the local NBC News affiliate. “And also, it won’t make us win a cup. And that’s what San Jose wants,” he said. 

The ice men would be wearing a simple shirt while the women’s outfits would consist of a little less material on top. The women’s attire would still be more modest than the uniforms of other teams, such as the Dallas Stars, NBC Bay Area points out. 

A Facebook page titled “Say No to Shark’s  Ice Girls,” was also created to combat the new move.

One female Twitter user said the Sharks should apologize and can the Ice Girls idea completely:

A male San Jose Sharks fan tweeted a similar sentiment:

NBC reports that some of the Sharks fans they have spoken to have even planned on pulling their season tickets over the controversial new plan. 

Image: San Jose Sharks Ice Girls audition page