Dog Runs for Oakland Mayor

Dog Runs for Oakland Mayor

Einstein, a “medium-sized shepherd mix,” has thrown his collar into the ring to become the next mayor of Oakland. The dog joins 20 other challengers to replace incumbent Mayor Jean Quan.

The dog was entered into the race by Occupy Oakland, and was apparently a fixture at Occupy protests in the area. The activist group set up a website for the dog’s campaign called “Einstein for Oakland,” and while the dog will not appear on the ballot in November, that has not stopped his Occupy backers from rolling out an impressive campaign platform.

From the site:

“My name is Einstein, and I am running for mayor of Oakland, California. 

I like to run. A lot! I mean A LOT! So make no mistake, I can make it all the way to finish line, and I invite you to join me!

What gets under my collar is Oakland city officials not doing their job, and police not being prosecuted for beating and killing innocent beautiful creatures like Alan Blueford & Gloria, for example.”

In addition to the dog-related puns and jokes, Einstein’s campaign also promises to combat the Domain Awareness Center, an effort to outfit the entire city of Oakland with surveillance cameras and sensors. Einstein will also focus on making the Oakland animal shelter more humane.

As incredulous as the dog’s mayoral campaign sounds, if elected, Einstein would not be the first canine mayor in the East Bay. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, resident of Sunol voted in a black Labrador named Bosco to be mayor of the town in 1981. Bosco served as mayor of Sunol until his death in 1994.

Image: Einstein for Oakland/Facebook