Obama Goes to Hollywood… Again

Obama Goes to Hollywood… Again

The upside of hosting a Obama fundraiser is that you are assured that no matter what happens he’ll show up. Passenger plane shot down over Ukraine that same day — he shows up. U.S. Ambassador murdered in a Libyan terrorist attack the day before — he’ll still be there. Throw in some country club golf and a television actress and the only thing that will stop him is… Well, I’m stumped.

Come next week, The Great Fundraiser returns to selfishly snarl Southern California traffic, hobknob with the tippy-top of the 1%, and vacuum up the big bucks in the presence of TV actress Kerry Washington:

To merely be in the presence of Washington and Obama costs $1,000 (or you can raise $5,000). It’s $10,000 (or raise $20,000) for the reception and a photo with Obama. To get the picture and eat dinner in the same room as Obama is $20,000, and to co-host, which gets you all of the above plus your name on the invitation, is $32,400, according to an invitation made public by the Sunlight Foundation.

The DNC confirmed the event.

Those thousands are unquestionably the safest money you’ll ever spend. Should Godzilla and Mothra rise from the ocean and duke it out on the White House lawn, Obama will be there.