Drought Attracting Rattlesnakes to California Homes

Drought Attracting Rattlesnakes to California Homes

Sacramento’s CBS 13 is reporting that the severe drought affecting California is triggering a movement of rattlesnakes toward homes. Interviewed by CBS 13, rattlesnake wrangler Len Ramirez commented, “We’ve made four calls today and tonight; I don’t know how many I’m going to make this evening, but it’s going to be a long evening.”

Ramirez said he captured 72 rattlesnakes in one week. He added, “For a lot of homeowners just moving in from the Bay Area, first time encounter with a rattlesnake is kind of scary.” He said he is seeing more snakes closer to homes because of the drought.

As Ian Schwartz reported for CBS 13, people are not watering their grounds as much, leaving water by the street, so rodents are trying to get closer to water, bringing them toward homes; the snakes are following them.

Ramirez asserted that pets who sniff at rattlesnakes’ “homes” are attacked by the snakes, saying, “We see a lot of dogs being bitten, and horses.” He warned homeowners to keep their garage doors closed. Ramirez also stated that the area calling him the most for help is the El Dorado Hills area.