Bryan Singer Accuser Served with Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit–in Casino Men's Room

Bryan Singer Accuser Served with Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit–in Casino Men's Room

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Michael Egan, who filed sex abuse lawsuits against X-Men director Bryan Singer and three others last April, had been evading being served a copy of a lawsuit against him for malicious prosecution, and was finally found in a men’s room of a Las Vegas casino. Egan and Jeff Herman, his attorney, were named in the lawsuit brought by former TV executive Garth Ancier, one of the defendants in Egan’s sex abuse lawsuit.

Egan and Herman had prompted standing room only press conferences last April when they announced their lawsuit, but since that time, Herman has dropped Egan as his client. 

Ancier posted on Facebook that Egan had avoided being served for five weeks and was finally found in Friday in “an obscure Las Vegas casino.”

Egan’s original accusations claimed that there were occurrences of teen sex abuse at parties at Hawaii and Los Angeles mansions in 1997-1999.  But then evidence surfaced that Egan had sworn in 2003 that he had never visited Hawaii, and that the only people molesting him had been the occupants of the Los Angeles mansion. Additionally, he stated in 2003 that he and David Neuman had never had sexual contact, although his suit in 2014 named Neuman, Singer, Ancier and Gary Goddard as defendants.

To further weaken Egan’s case, some of the defendants showed credit card receipts and witness declarations proving they had not been in Hawaii at the time Egan specified sexual abuse had taken place.

Egan then withdrew most of the accusations in question.

Herman has not commented on the situation and has hired counsel to represent him; on Thursday he filed a response to the malicious prosecution lawsuit that denied Ancier’s charges. Ancier has also named Egan’s Hawaii attorney, Michael Gallagher, as a defendant.