'Gun Violence Restraining Order' Legislation Stalls in CA Senate Committee

'Gun Violence Restraining Order' Legislation Stalls in CA Senate Committee

On August 4, the bill creating “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” for California stalled in the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee.

The bill–AB 1014–was suspended because of its estimated cost of implementation.

According to CAL FFL, the bill will probably be changed or “amended again later this week and voted on by the Appropriations Committee next week.”

Prior to AB 1014’s suspension, Breitbart News reported that the measure would expand the reasons for firearm confiscation so far that it could include driving under the influence (DUI) convictions. 

The San Francisco Chronicle said the measure would “allow family members, licensed therapists, and health care providers to petition a judge to take firearms from someone who has shown signs that they could harm others or themselves.”

And it would go beyond that. 

For example, Amy Barnhorst, a University of California, Davis professor and psychiatrist said AB 1014 would “also help in cases where involuntary hospitalization can’t be used.” Barnhorst argues that “most violence is caused by people who aren’t mentally ill, such as ‘an angry guy who’s prone to rages when he fights with his wife.'”

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