Dating App Tinder Hooks Up Puppies with Loving Homes

Dating App Tinder Hooks Up Puppies with Loving Homes

Users of the popular California-based dating app Tinder who are located in New York have recently been presented with the possibility of finding “puppy love” on their quest for romantic human matches with the appearance of a number of doggy dating profiles.

A New York City-based animal rescue organization called Social Tees has reportedly partnered up with BBH creative agency’s internship program called The Barn to create Tinder profiles for puppies who need homes, according to TechCrunch. Tinder has approximately ten million users; in the United States alone, approximately 7.6 million animals are sent to animal shelters annually, according to the ASPCA.

The puppy profiles on Tinder read like any other Tinder profile, except the ages are skewed to reflect filtered searches of those in desired age ranges and genders, TechCrunch notes. One Tinder puppy named Vilma is listed as 26, to help her match with users’ filtered results. Her profile, however, indicates that she is a 9-week-old “Chiweenie” (a cross-breed between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund or wiener dog) who is the “perfect loyal companion for any animal lover,” according to an image on TechCrunch.

Since the puppy program launched Friday, it has reportedly received over 1,500 matches.

Breitbart News found a similar app called Bark Buddy. It enables users who wish to adopt puppies and dogs of all colors, sizes, ages, and breeds to find their very own “puppy love” in a similar fashion to Tinder. Human profiles have not yet been detected on the Bark Buddy app.