Beauty Queen Busted for Workers' Comp Fraud

Beauty Queen Busted for Workers' Comp Fraud

A Riverside, California beauty pageant queen was arrested last Friday for committing insurance fraud by claiming workers’ compensation benefits for a “foot injury” that she said inhibited her from standing on her feet for work–but apparently not from competing in a beauty contest wearing high heels.

Shawna Lynn Palmer, 22, reportedly collected worker’s compensation insurance for a foot injury she was lying about at a Stater Brothers store in Riverside where she worked as a clerk, according to local CBS News affiliate KCAL 9 News.

Just a few days before the March contest, Palmer had told her employersat a Stater Brothers in Riverside that she was unable to put weight onher foot due to the injury.

“She lied to her employer, she lied to her doctor, she lied to a lot of people, and she eventually got arrested and busted for this,” said Deputy Insurance Commissioner Byron Tucker, according to KCAL 9.

If convicted, Palmer could face up to one year in prison or $24,000 in fines.

“She certainly possessed beauty and bravado. But certainly not too much brains,” Tucker said.

Image: California Department of Insurance via ABC News