91-Year-Old Veteran Dies from Beating in Home Invasion

91-Year-Old Veteran Dies from Beating in Home Invasion

A 91-year-old Air Force veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam died over the weekend from injuries he suffered in a brutal home invasion October 28, CBS Sacramento reports

John Masson was allegedly beaten savagely in his North Highlands home when he resisted thieves who broke into his home. The thieves reportedly blindfolded Masson’s stepdaughter, Akemi Girion, and a caretaker who was present at the time, then demanded Masson give up his car keys. When he refused, they allegedly assaulted him.

Girion commented, “He didn’t give up his key because he’s a military man.” She said of his service, “He told me he almost died a couple times, but he survived everything.”

CBS Sacramento reports that the thieves stole cash, jewelry, and prescription drugs.

Girion, who is disabled, said her goodbyes to her stepfather over the weekend. She told CBS Sacramento, “His face was all broken–jaw, cheek, head–everything was broken. Even if he survives, he’s not going to have a quality life.”

Girion said sadly, “We were two peas in a pod, and they stole that from me. They stole my father.”

She pleaded, “Please help us to catch the people, people who did that to my father.”

Masson’s family has offered a reward for information that will help police find the culprits.

Image: Department of Motor Vehicles via Sacramento Bee