Police Capture 'Most Wanted' Multiple Murder Suspect Using Facebook

Police Capture 'Most Wanted' Multiple Murder Suspect Using Facebook

Following an 11-year manhunt for an America’s Most Wanted fugitive and alleged Toonerville street gang member accused of the murders of four people, authorities have finally captured Eduardo Rodriguez (born Juan Carlos Campos Gamino) — using Facebook.

The investigator who cracked the case was not identified, citing concerns for his safety, according to the Los Angeles Times. The case had been turned over from the LAPD to Glendale police last year, which is when the investigator placed in charge decided he would do a bit of research on social media. 

He reportedly began plugging the names of Rodriguez’s friends and gang associates into Facebook, which led him to the page of a woman in Riverside who had multiple pictures with a man who looked like Rodriguez. 

Investigators would later discover that the woman was his fiancé and that the couple had been living in Riverside with her kids.

Rodriguez was arrested shortly after 6:30 pm on Friday by Riverside police, notes the Times. He reportedly did not resist arrest. “He saw us and knew immediately what it was about. He didn’t even try to hide his identity. You could see that moment when he knew what it was about and just gave up,” said deputy U.S. marshall Laura Vega.

His fiancé and her kids had no idea he was a wanted fugitive and reportedly expressed sincere shock at the discovery. Rodriguez admitted he had been living under a third pseudonym.

Neighbors of the couple described Rodriguez as being isolated and quiet. One woman who lived across the street with her son said “he wasn’t very friendly.” 

According to court documents, Rodriguez was wanted in connection with the 2001 execution-style murders of Bryham Robinson, 36, Mary Ann Wisotsky, 64, her daughter Cheri Lynne Wistosky, 45, and Marjorie Mendoza, 25, in an Atwater Village shooting that received national attention. He was reportedly charged that same year with the shooting death of Marjorie Mendoza, 25, and two attempted murders, notes the Times

Rodriguez had reportedly fled Los Angeles for Mexico in 2003 only to reenter the country before 2009.

He is currently being held without bail, and his arraignment is to be schedule at a later date.

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