'Baaad Move': California Student Had Sex With Sheep to Relieve Stress

'Baaad Move': California Student Had Sex With Sheep to Relieve Stress

In a story that would make anyone go “ewe,” a 23-year-old Fresno State computer engineering student has been accused of copulating with a sheep in order to “relieve stress” resulting from his final exams. 

The student, whose identity has not been released, was reportedly inebriated at the time he embarked on his illicit encounter, notes the Daily Mail. The incident occurred around 3 am. The sheep had been used for breeding purposes within the school’s agricultural department. 

The Mail notes that student Marisa Burkdoll, whose responsibility it is to take care of the sheep, expressed disgust after hearing about the incident and called for the male accused to be thrown into jail. The male was reportedly apprehend by police but then released pending one charge of sexual assault.

The incident sparked the creation of an online parody Twitter account @FresnoStSheep, with an image of a sheep and the following description: “Victim of on-campus sexual assault. Demanding justice. Foodie. Starbucks addict. T-swizzle4Life.” 

The hashtag #BaaaMeansBaaa has also resulted in some responsive tweets from users who were made aware of the incident:


The sheep is reportedly being treated by a veterinarian. It is not yet clear how the student did on his exams.

Image: Twitter

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