Norovirus-Plagued Cruise Ship Docks in Los Angeles

Norovirus-Plagued Cruise Ship Docks in Los Angeles

A cruise ship docked in San Pedro, California on Sunday after 172 of its over 4,100 passengers fell ill with the highly-contagious norovirus. The patients became ill over the course of a nearly monthlong trip which traveled from Los Angeles to Hawaii to Tahiti. 

The Associated Press reported that the infected passengers were treated by physicians onboard the Crown Princess cruise, and that a Center for Disease Control (CDC) official was expected to board the the ship and investigate the outbreak following the cruise line’s response to the illness. 

The ship will reportedly undergo a deep cleaning at the San Pedro terminal before it embarks on its next voyage to the Mexican Rivera, according to the AP.

In April of this year, 129 people reportedly fell ill on the exact same ship, notes the AP.

A company spokesperson urged passengers to practice diligence with regard to washing their hands frequently in order to prevent the spread of the norovirus; particularly as it is cold and flu season. 

Norovirus symptoms include vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and bodily aches. The CDC estimates a three-day recovery period for those infected.

Dozens of people were reportedly infected with the norovirus between October and November of this year at the Sofitel Hotel in San Francisco over the course of three conferences which took place there, including one for the NAACP.

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