Sacramento Mayor on Ferguson: ‘Worst Injustice Over the History of Time’

Sacramento Mayor on Ferguson: ‘Worst Injustice Over the History of Time’

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a.k.a. “Little Barack,” responded to the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown by saying, “This is just a sad day for America, in my opinion, when you think about injustice and all the things that have happened over the history of time. This one just doesn’t feel right.”

Johnson’s remarks, reported by the Sacramento Bee,  are astonishing considering the ordeal that the jury endured to make their decision. They deliberated for three months meeting every week, reviewed three coroner autopsy reports, examined a plethora of evidence and listened to dozens of witnesses, many of whom were African American. Not until then did they decide that the evidence overwhelmingly supported Darren Wilson’s claim that he fired his gun in self defense.

This verdict in Johnson’s mind represents perhaps the worst injustice over the history of time.

Evidentially, Johnson doesn’t give much attention to the hundreds of police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty facing down heinous criminals while protecting citizens across America.

Was the grand jury’s decision a worse injustice than the ones that let criminals get off scot-free after committing double homicides, as perhaps one former NFL running back did a decade ago? How about the holocaust? The Japanese internment? Was the Michael Brown verdict a greater travesty of justice than these?

When our leaders and the media use this type of hyperbolic language it does more to divide this country than any officer who uses an authorized weapon to defend himself and protect those Americans for which he was hired. What happened in Ferguson wasn’t an injustice, but it was an opportunity for some on the left to break things, loot stores and burn down one of America’s great cities.