L.A. Mass Arrest: 3 Jail Busses Haul Ferguson Protesters Away

L.A. Mass Arrest: 3 Jail Busses Haul Ferguson Protesters Away

“Michael Brown could have been your son man, he could have been your son…How does that make you feel?” shouted a very angry protester at a black Los Angeles Police Department officer.

On the third day of demonstrations in response to the Ferguson grand jury verdict not to  indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown, LAPD officers are corralling dozens of demonstrators who started their march on 6th and Hope and were trying to make their way to the Staple Center. 

They have been marching since 4 p.m. Wednesday. The splinter group which broke from a much larger crowd were told by the LAPD that they were participating in unlawful Assembly and were ordered to disperse. The crowd was responsible for obstructing traffic, throwing objects at police and creating a public safety hazard.

The LAPD said earlier that they have the intention to detain and arrest those that are participating in unlawful assembly. Moreover, the police drew a line of demarcation to keep a large crowd away from the Staples Center where the Lakers are playing a game tonight.

Three jail transportation buses have arrived to bring the lawbreakers to jail. Each individual protester will be arrested and processed for failing to disperse. They had been told many times to disperse, but they ignored the officers orders. According to KCAL 9, there are about three dozen who will be arrested.

The police say it is going to be a slow process, but they are all going to be arrested. They will be taken to a processing center nearby. Many of the protesters are coming to the realization that they will be spending Thanksgiving in jail. Unfortunately, for the unruly demonstrators they may spend the entire weekend in jail if they are unable to post bail. If that is the case. they will have to stay in jail until Monday to see a judge. Bail is being set at $500 for each protester, unless they are pending other warrants.