Majority of Californians Expect Children to be Poorer

Majority of Californians Expect Children to be Poorer

A new poll has found that a majority of Californians expect their children to be poorer than they are. That result comes despite a generally positive outlook on the state and positive ratings for re-elected Gov. Jerry Brown, according to a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California. “Most adults (55%) say that when children in California grow up they will be worse off financially than their parents (37% better off),” the poll found.

Still, a majority (52%) of Californians expect the state’s economy and their own financial situation to improve next year, especially residents of the Bay Area. Half (50%) of the state’s residents say that California is heading in the right direction, versus 42% who say not. Gov. Brown continues to enjoy high approval ratings of 57%, and slim majorities favor extending the temporary tax hikes that voters approved in Proposition 30 in 2012. The state’s voters are evenly split, however, 46% to 43%–within the poll’s 3.7% margin of error–on Obamacare.

The economy remains the number one issue for Californians, ahead of water and the drought. Concerns about inequality seem to be driving at least some of the worry about the next generation’s future. More than two-thirds (68%) see the Golden State as divided among “haves” and “have-nots,” with more residents describing themselves as “have-nots” (46%) than “haves” (40%). Most feel the state should intervene to solve the problem.

Immigration reform was not a priority for California voters, with only 7% describing it as the most important issue in the state, tied for a distant third. Californians favor more spending on state colleges, but not through new taxes or fees. 

 The survey included 1,704 adults, interviewed by land or cell phone in English or Spanish.

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