Local Government Melts Frosty the Snowman

Local Government Melts Frosty the Snowman

A 30-foot Frosty the Snowman’s chances of appearing in Pleasanton have melted away. Johnny Moore, who has planted the giant balloon for years on his Christmas tree lot near the Alameda County Fairgrounds, cannot erect the balloon on his new lot, according to officials of the city. Moore’s new lot is roughly two miles from the fairgrounds. 

CBS San Francisco reported that Moore said, “Everybody knows him. He’s been in different newspapers … he’s hard to miss. The kids love to take pictures with him.” 

On Monday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Pleasanton code enforcement officer Mark Dennis gave Moore a citation that prevents him from using Frosty at the new lot. Dennis indicated he would return the next day to certify that Frosty was not being used. The first day Frosty would cost Moore $100, and then the penalty would increase, from $200 to $500 to $750. 

Moore said, “I don’t feel it’s quite fair,” but removed Frosty on Tuesday. He asserted it wasn’t the fines that caused the removal, but the strong winds. He added that harsh weather usually forces him to take down Frosty because of “wear and tear” issues. 

On Wednesday, Frosty had been deflated, according to NBC Bay Area.

The Chronicle spoke with city spokeswoman Joanne Hall, who stated that when Moore got the permit for his new lot, he had agreed not to put Frosty up. She added that a city law states, “Under no circumstances shall a large hot/cold-air balloon be displayed by an individual business,” and said there would be no exemption to the rule, and a smaller inflatable balloon would still be unacceptable. 

The city had a jolly response on Twitter:

Image: Twitter/NBC Bay Area