Paris Hilton Files Police Complaint Over Antisemitic Stalker

Paris Hilton Files Police Complaint Over Antisemitic Stalker

An apparently antisemitic man, who thought Paris Hilton to be Jewish, has posed death and rape threats on the Instagram accounts of both the socialite heiress and her father Rick.

“KILL JEWS FOR FUN,” and “I know ur Jew family gives nothing,” were among the posts left by the Hilton’s stalker, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The threats prompted the Hilton family to file a report with the Los Angeles Police Department, which reportedly obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and are believed to have positively identified the man, notes the Post. An arrest could be imminent. 

The unnamed man also wrote on one of her father’s pictures, “Invite [Paris] to the match so we can gang raper her ass hahahahahaha.” He then reportedly threatened “I’ll beat u and that bitch to unconscious,” notes TMZ.

Paris Hilton is not Jewish. However, antisemitism is a major problem throughout history and it has been referred to as the world’s oldest hatred.

“The depth, variety and just sheer number of hate tweets about Jews is simply breathtaking.” Baddiel #antisemitism

— Ruth Dudley Edwards (@RuthDE) December 3, 2014

Why is #Israel the most condemned nation at the UN? #Antisemitism. Please support our fight.

— Anne Bayefsky (@AnneBayefsky) December 3, 2014

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