Firefighters Rescue Endangered Fuzzy Critters from Floods

Firefighters Rescue Endangered Fuzzy Critters from Floods

Cuddly kitties and precious pooches were rescued from rising floodwaters when Healdsburg firefighters carried the little ones from a waterlogged building Thursday.

Sweet photos of the rescuers embracing the cute companions conveyed the firefighters care in delivering the pets to safety.

Along with the pet rescue photos, the Healdsburg Fire Department posted photos of kayaks cruising down Healdsburg Ave.

“Our station may have flooded, but the Christmas Toy Drive is still on,” the Fire Department posted Thursday evening.

Reserve firefighter Robert Morris @HBKustomMachine tweeted about department’s storm preparedness Wednesday, “We’ve got a big crew tonight! ?@HealdsburgFire is ready to go!”

Self-described Healdsburg resident Matt Wells @mattnwells tweeted Thursday evening, “CRAZY day in ?#Healdsburg! A+ job by ?@HealdsburgFire (despite their station flooding!)”

Photo: City of Healdsburg Fire Department, Tenaya Fleckenstein Photography