Kayaking Floodwaters, Healdsburg Residents Turn Stormageddon to Fun

Kayaking Floodwaters, Healdsburg Residents Turn Stormageddon to Fun

Leave it to adventurous Californians to turn the state’s Stormageddon 2014 into a sporting event. Making the best of invasive floodwaters, school closures and business shutdowns, residents of wine country’s Healdsburg pulled out their kayaks and innertubes for a day on the water.

Two brothers, locals, Kingsman and Simeon told KTVU Fox 2 they took their older brother’s lead from years prior to pull out their kayaks and enjoy a flooded Safeway parking lot. The boys are two of a family of nine. One said there was further flooding and a current running through it. The other commented they glided through the water from car to car, checking for anyone stranded inside needing rescue.

Another report showed locals youth wakeskating, propelled ahead from the end of a tow line. Wakeskating, the boarder described, is like wakeboarding without bindings. Another is seen coasting atop an innertube.

Challenges still face some of the town’s business owners as they barricade their storefronts from the creeping rainwater invasion. Gina’s Boutique owner Gina Parmeter told NBC Bay Area she had to clear soaked floors, but kept an upbeat demeanor despite the mess.

Damages in California’s wine country may cause some trouble, but not letting a good storm slow them down, Californian’s adventurous spirit has prevailed. The rain also brings hope for thirsty residents in the middle of deep drought.

Photo: KTVU video still