Oakland Shells Out $1.3 Million in Police OT Pay Due to Protests

Oakland Shells Out $1.3 Million in Police OT Pay Due to Protests

Protests and riots in Oakland, triggered by the Michael Brown verdict in Missouri and the death of Eric Garner in New York, cost the city $1.3 million in overtime pay for police officers. 

SFGate reports that 14 protests over the last three weeks have been riddled with violent occurrences. According to interim assistant city administrator Arturo Sanchez during that time frame 209 people have been arrested.

Sanchez lamented that although the demonstrations are mostly peaceful, many protesters committed acts of vandalism and violence. Sanchez said he was most disturbed by instances of vandals and looters attacking good Samaritan citizens from trying to prevent them from destroying property.

Violence has accelerated since Wednesday, SFGate noted. Police arrested twenty-seven protesters for various violations including assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest and vandalism. Moreover, in the last week 13 police officers were hurt with three requiring hospital treatment.

A huge protest rally scheduled for Saturday expects to draw thousands to the streets of San Francisco and Oakland. Certainly some overtime pay will be accrued for many of the officers.