We Were Tricked, Says School Targeted In Anti-Gun PSA

Rejina Sincic / YouTube

North Oakland Community Charter School is trying to distance itself from the gun-stealing PSA filmed on its campus during this past summer. The only problem: neither the film company nor the producer behind the PSA will return phone calls or respond to emails.

The PSA encourages kids to to steal their parent’s guns and bring them to school.

According to Contra Costa Times, school director Carolyn Gramstorff says her school does “not advocate for children to bring guns, real or fake, to school.” She admitted her school rented facilities to Rejina Sincic and Sleeper 13 Productions this past summer, but says she had “no idea” they were filming something that would be so divisive.

She said said the school “did not review, approve, or endorse the [PSA]” and that “no students, staff or board members were involved in [it].”

Gramstorff said North Oakland Community Charter School wants its name removed from the credits at the end of the PSA, and they have both called and emailed Sincic and Sleeper 13 Productions to that end. But she said their phone calls were not returned and their emails were not answered.

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