Snoop Dogg: Los Angeles ‘Deserves’ an NFL Team

Raider Nation

Rapper Snoop Dogg celebrates that Los Angeles seems poised to see the return of the National Football League.

During a promo tour for his new ESPN show “Snoop & Son,” the singer noted that L.A. “deserved” the return of NFL action.

Speaking to Yahoo Sports, Snoop said, “We need it. We need a football team. We’re one of the biggest markets for football. We deserve it. Hopefully we’ll get a great team to come and restore the feeling. All we’ve got right now is USC and UCLA.”

L.A. has been trying to woo several NFL teams from other cities in hopes that one will make the move.

Even as the San Diego Chargers fight the move, claiming that they will suffer financially if L.A. gets another team, the franchise appears as one of three considering a relocation to Los Angeles. Like the Chargers, the Raiders and Rams, who see their stadium leases coming to an end, once called Los Angeles whom.

As to which team he might prefer, Snoop says “it don’t matter.”

“The Rams are rebuilding right now, so they might be the better bet,” Snoop told Yahoo. “The Raiders have been here before and it didn’t work out. Either/or, it don’t matter.”

But Snoop has expressed an NFL preference in the past. With no team in L.A. to root for, the singer has often expressed his interest in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Only a few months ago, Snoop complained about how he wanted former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley fired as Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator for what the snooper fan felt was the coach’s poor performance.

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