Economists Predict Up to 40% Egg Price Increase with New Ca Chicken Law

Associated Press
Sacramento, CA

Now that California requires that farmers give more space in hen cages so that our feathery friends can move around and spread their wings, egg shelves in your local supermarket are less stocked and the eggs cost more.

With farmers bearing more costs to renovate the hen houses and are unable to maintain as many hens , it’s not surprising consumers are coughing up more at the cash register to make their omelets.

CBS Sacramento reported that economists expect a 10 to 40 percent spike in California egg prices.

If most consumers are like Jennifer Garcia, however, the increase in egg prices won’t deter Californians from buying them. The mother of six children said, “There are some things I wouldn’t, but eggs definitely, I’m still going to buy them.”

Sacramento based Taylor’s Market’s manager Troy Durfee agrees with Garcia, “People who are going to eat eggs are just going to go for it.”