Bizarre Letter to Newspaper Calls For Castration and Hysterectomies to Control Population

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Associated Press
Eureka Ca

A letter to the Eureka Times Standard offers a radical solution to population control and a bizarre solution to curtail abortions.

Asserting that abortion is murder and that no one has the right to commit such an act, families should be mandated to have only two children. After the quota is met the patriarchs must submit to “voluntary vasectomies” or be castrated by the state.

An alternative route calls for the mother to have her fallopian tubes tied at no cost to her. Hysterectomies would be ordered if she fails to comply.

The letter reads:

Mandatory population control the answer

All people regardless of race, color or creed on this earth are earthly people. The earth can be/will be/is over-populated and polluted. Without a compulsory, earthly birth control there will always be war and threat of war. There is religious hate/racial hate: stoning woman to death in this world where death, destruction and slavery is a way of life.

However, within 50 years all people could be citizens of this world! Within 50 years all races, colors and creeds could be living a life worth living as native earthly human citizens. There should be a law here on Earth, that when a man fathers two children, he could get a free voluntary vasectomy or suffer mandatory castration.

And also, after a mother births two children she could have her Fallopian tubes tied free of charge or suffer a compulsory hysterectomy. Without these restrictions there will always be abortions. Abortion is murder, no one has the right to murder. When we die and we will die, we will all go back to where we came from … the elements of the earth.