WATCH: Reporter Casually Shoves Man Out of Shot on Live TV

Kuzj Shove (Chris Poulos / Vine)
Chris Poulos / Vine
Los Angeles, CA

KTLA reporter Steve Kuzj does not like to be interrupted.

Kuzj was doing a live report on measles from Hollywood when a man attempted to intrude on his shot. So, Kuzj did what he had to do: he casually shoved the man, hard, right out of the shot–and continued as if nothing had happened.

According to TMZ, Kuzj was concerned that the man was going to yell a particularly inappropriate phrase during the broadcast, so he reacted quickly and took care of the threat.

Kuzj told TMZ he has a second-degree black belt; the intruder is probably lucky he was only shoved and not drop-kicked out of the shot.