LAX: Passengers Run onto Tarmac After False Report of Armed Man

LAX Tarmac (Natalie Morin / Reuters)
Natalie Morin / Reuters

On February 16, “dozens” of passengers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) fled a terminal and ran onto the airfield after someone “announced publicly” that a man had a gun, according to numerous reports.

The announcement was made at the same time that police were in pursuit of man who’d been parked outside, trying to kill himself by running a garden hose from his exhaust pipe into the interior of his car.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the man who was allegedly trying to kill himself was parked outside “the Japan Airlines Cargo building in the 6000 block of Imperial Highway south of LAX.” Officers reported the man was allegedly “writing a suicide note when they arrived,” then drove away.

Officers gave chase and the man “stopped in front of Terminal 2” on the departures level of LAX and was captured.

Meanwhile, an announcement about a man with a gun had been made and passengers who’d already gone through screening fled through emergency exits and onto the airfield. The passengers were eventually “moved back into the terminal area so they could catch their flights.”

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