California Obamacare Exchange Delays Enrollment Deadline ‘Again’


In the never ending story of California’s Obamacare enrollment deadline extensions, Covered California once again delayed the allowable healthcare signup date—this time until April 30.

Covered California said that it was changing the date to accommodate consumers who are just realizing that if they fail to buy insurance they are going to incur a hefty fine. “We’re giving them an extended window,” said Covered California representative James Scullary. “We know this is all new for everybody.”

Actually it’s not really that new. Obamacare has been in effect since October of 2013.

Feb. 15 was the initial deadline for enrollment, but was extended to February 22 for those who had already started their applications. The Sacramento Bee announced on Friday that those who say they didn’t know about the tax penalty now have two more months to register.

According to a news release from Covered California, one can simply attest to the fact that they just learned about the penalty, by selecting ‘Informed of Tax Penalty Risk’ when filling out an application at

In February Breitbart California reported that Covered California had sent out 100,000 erroneous returns for 2014.