Wave of Animal Beheadings Unsettles Sacramento Residents

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Sacramento CA

A spate of cruel and senseless beheadings of animals have been found over the last few weeks in and around Sacramento. A goat, a lamb, a tortoise, several chickens and two cows were discovered with their heads chopped off in the city’s Reichmuth Park.

Tuesday several headless chickens were the latest discovery in the unsettling wave of killings. Moreover, on Monday two hens were found with their heads removed from their bodies in a box along with $5 on the Sacramento River bike trail.

Animal Care Services manager Gina Knepp, commented that whoever severed the heads, “did not do it professionally. They did not have the right tools.”

SFGate reported that two newborn goats were found decapitated along railroad tracks at 19th and V streets on Friday. Two days before, six goats were discovered with their heads cut off inside bags along a bike path near the corner of Sully Street and Claire Avenue.

“We’ve had so many, I’m having a hard time keeping up,” Knepp lamented. “They just keep coming.” At this point Animal Care Services is unable to conclude that the beheadings are related.

Animal Care Services is working with police and hopes the publicity will produce leads to capture the culprits. Knepp asks that if you have any information regarding the animal killings to contact her at (916) 808-8333.