Marijuana Growers Arrested after Pocket-Dialing 911, Making Threats against Cops

420 California (Credit: Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)
Joel Pollak / Breitbart News
Alpine, CA

A group of marijuana growers were arrested near Alpine, California this week after pocket-dialing 911 while the they discussed assaulting law enforcement officers in a following car.

The two men heard on the the inadvertent 911 call were discussing violence against a sheriff’s deputy they believed was pulling them over as they drove down Interstate 8, according to local San Diego Fox affiliate KSWB.

“They were talking about trying to beat him up, take them on a 100 mile-per-hour chase down the roadway, because we can’t do anything,” Sgt. Kirk Thompson of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department told KSWB. “They were making threats toward my deputy sheriffs, so that’s why we rolled on this one.”

While the phone call continued from one of the men’s pockets unabated, the pair arrived at home, and began discussing drugs.

“This is all over the open line on the phone,” Sgt. Thompson told KSWB. “Heard the two guys arrive at the house and the person inside the house say, ‘Hey, great, come on in, let’s do another line.'”

The sheriffs apparently heard enough chatter on the line to warrant a visit, so they headed to the house. Once there, they found 50 marijuana plants inside the house, 50 outside, and cocaine and methamphetamine on the table. According to Sgt. Thompson, some of the drugs were found stashed in a toaster.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested the owner of the house for cultivation and possession for sale, arrested another for violating his probation, and arrested a third for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

According to the report, when the men realized they had been nabbed by their own mistake, they had “choice words” for the man with the phone.