Tiny Doo Freed in SD: Hip-Hop, Free Speech Victory

San Diego, CA

San Diego rapper Tiny Doo’s release from all charges related to the alleged role of his lyrics in nine shootings between May 2013 and February 2014 is being hailed as a win for speech freedoms.

Judge Louis Hanoian threw out all charges Monday against rapper Brandon Duncan and co-defendant Aaron Harvey. The charges had been filed against the two under a law that “allows for the prosecution of gang members if they benefit from or promote crimes committed by fellow members,” according to 10 News. The television station broke the story just four months ago.

Duncan had been named along with 14 co-defendants in the case involving the shootings and failed to have the charges dropped in late January when a judge cited lack of jurisdiction. Superior Court Judge David Gill had dismissed charges against some of the other co-defendants previously, due to lack of evidence.

Tiny Doo has worked with artists including Lil’ Wayne, according to 10 News. Some 75 supporters rallied in front of the San Diego County Courthouse during February hearings for dismissal of the charges.

He said throughout the ordeal that he knew nothing about the shootings and had merely been describing life as he saw it.

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