CA Assembly Committee Deadlocked On ‘Gun Violence Restraining Order’ Safeguard

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
AP/Elaine Thompson

On Tuesday, the California States Assembly Committee on Public Safety heard Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez’s (R) AB 225 and tied the vote 3-3.

The “No” votes came from Assembly members Bill Quirk (D-20th), Evan Low (D-28th), and Miguel Santiago (D-53rd). “Yes” votes were cast by Assembly members Melissa Melendez (R-67th), Tom Lackey (R-36th), and Lorena Gonzalez (D-80th).

Assemblyman Reggie Jones Sawyer (D-59th) was not present for the vote.

On March 14 Breitbart News reported that AB 225 is a corrective for California’s “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” (GVROs) law. It is sponsored by Assemblywoman Melendez and its purpose is to protect law-abiding citizens from being falsely served with a GVRO, thereby temporarily forfeiting their right to keep and bear arms.

AB 225 makes it a felony to falsely file GVROs. The punishment for false filings is two to four years in the country jail.

The bill addresses “due process concerns” that Melendez believes were circumvented in creating GVROs.

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