Drunk Father Runs Over Daughter in Driveway While Mother Watches

Filip led
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A Northern California man, driving drunk, ran over and killed his stepdaughter as she was helping direct him into a parking space in their driveway.

Filip Handl had spent the day drinking, his wife Francis told the Campbell police. He left to go to a liquor store around the corner  shortly before 5 pm on Thursday. When he got back, he pulled into the driveway and Leslie Carroll tried to direct him into a parking spot. Filip hit the accelerator instead of the brake and ran her over — right in front of Francis.

CBS San Francisco reported that when officers arrived, they found a 41-year-old woman underneath the front of a full-sized GMC pickup truck in the driveway of a residence.

According to ABC 7, the family planned on celebrating Leslie’s 42nd birthday the next day. “I keep thinking I’ll wake up, maybe it’s just a nightmare,” the mother said. “I was right there where I saw her face. It was like, ‘Dad, what are you doing?’ and it haunts me.”

Leslie leaves behind her partner of 26 years, their special needs 15-year-old son who needs 24-hour care, along with her sisters and her mother. She died on the driveway, run over by the man who raised her. Francis lamented that, “He never intended to do it, but it’s done and it can’t be taken back. I lost my daughter.”

Campbell Police Capt. Gary Berg commented, “Based on his statements and the investigation, it became very apparent that he understood the potential consequences of driving drunk.”

“The only reason I’m doing this [interview] is if someone thinks they can have one or two beers and drive down the street, pull into their driveway, without any consequence — think again. Think again,” Frances remarked.

Filip Handl was arrested on suspicion of second degree murder, according to police.

ABC 7 reported that Leslie’s family is now planning a funeral… instead of a birthday party.