Teachers Support Crackdown on Charter Schools Through Legislation

Compton School (CTA / Facebook)
CTA / Facebook

Democrats in the California State Assembly, prodded along by their financial backers at the California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, and California Labor Federation, announced their goal on Wednesday of gutting the state’s charter school system. Their strategy: force charter schools to operate as non-profit organizations.

“The public is paying for [the charter schools],” explained Assemblyman Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina). “The accountability ought to be there and the protection for the employees ought to be there.”

Essentially, the teachers unions hope to turn the charter schools into public schools writ small.

In May of 2014, Bloomberg News reported that California school districts owed almost $80 billion for general-obligation debt. Performance, however, has been lagging: in November 2013, the San Jose Mercury News reported that California’s fourth-graders ranked 47th in the nation in both math and reading while eighth-graders ranked 45th in math and 42nd in reading.