Police Officers Harassed by Partying Bros in San Francisco’s Dolores Park


An influx of hipsters mixing with the high-tech culture in San Francisco’s Mission District resulted in a brouhaha this past weekend when some partying bros spewed a heap of verbal abuse and insults on park patrol officers who were trying to keep Dolores Park clean.

A five-minute video clip obtained by KRON News and the San Francisco Chronicle shows a group of bros giving the patrol officers a more than difficult time when they were asked to pick up their trash and warned against lighting a cigarette lest they wish to be ticketed.

“Dude, what a power trip,” one of the off-camera bros said. Another quipped, “Is this a big ticket hard-on day? What’s the problem, man?” One of the officers then went on to tell the men that he was simply doing his job.

The tension further escalated when the officer asked the bros to remove a table they had brought to the park, citing the rules that there are no “household items” allowed in the public park. “Stop making shit up. You’re making shit up, dude,” another bro said. “That’s a household item. That’s a household item. Everything is a household item!”

Tables, which the bros suggested are also a household item, were placed into question. Another bro chimed in and said, “This is discrimination. Are you going to cite all the people with tables?” The officer then said, “So once again, if this is not your table, please remove your stuff off the table, and we’ll take the table. … Once again, it’s a household item and it needs to be removed from the park.”

One of the bros then questioned the officer’s credibility. “Dude, are you an actual cop?” And another said, “I don’t know how you sleep at night, dude.”

Then, like a herd of cows, the other hipster park-goers joined in the bros and started “booing” in unison at the officers.

But the final nail in the coffin of insults came when a bro named Brandon suggested, “Maybe we should pay more (taxes) so they could get dental care,” hurling a physical insult at the cop. Even his fellow bros found that comment over-the-top. “Stop. That’s rude. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon.”

The second officer then said, “Unfortunately, I get dispatched out here because of all the complaints we’re receiving,” as he proceeded to place his ticketing book back into his pocket. Both officers then left the scene.

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