Repeat Domestic Violence Offender Kills Mother of His 5 Children, Then Kills Self

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Associated Press

Tuesday morning a man with a history of domestic violence walked into a pediatric office in Fresno and gunned down the mother of his five children and then shot himself minutes later killing both of them.

Deputy Chief Pat Farmer identified the killer as Neng Moua, 43, and withheld the name of the 33-year old female victim. The couple evidently were never married and were no longer living together.

According to the Fresno Bee, witnesses observed Moua enter the Fresno Medical Center housing Sang Pediatrics, carrying a shotgun and began speaking with an employee who was behind the desk. Kelly Mek, 13  said that Moua threatened the employee, dragged her to the floor, hit her, and then unwrapped a shotgun. “I guess he was going to shoot,” the teenager said after escaping the office.

Chaos broke out in the building as people ran from the gunfire, officers broke windows, creating escape routes so that another 10 to 15 people could get out of harm’s way.

Arlene Rodriguez, a receptionist at Gary Gianetta Civil Engineering who works in a building across the street, explained, “I didn’t see anything, but I did hear one gunshot… And then we saw a couple from that office running toward us. … They were just screaming and hysterical.”

The Bee reported that police served a search warrant at Moua’s residence on Tuesday evening in Clovis and found a suicide note. Police did not reveal the content of the letter.

Genelle Taylor Kump, executive director of the Marjaree Mason Center, an organization dedicated to preventing domestic abuse, remarked, “This severe abuse doesn’t happen overnight; it can start with verbal abuse, escalate to physical abuse and unfortunately, as in this case, may result in death.”