Mummified Body, Black Widow Spiders, 300 Bottles of Urine Found In Hoarder’s House

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San Francisco, CA

Neighbors are creeped-out by the discovery of a mummified body buried in garbage stacked six-feet high inside a Richmond District home in San Francisco.

The body, believed to be that of a 90-year-old woman, reposed in the clutter for five years. A firefighter was heard saying that, “It’s mummified, lightweight, and wrapped in a blanket,” reported SFGate.

The stench from the garbage, piled so high it inhibited entry into the house, forced firefighters to wear oxygen masks and enter through the front window. They wrapped the body in a white sheet, and placed it onto a gurney and removed it from the premises.

A neighbor said that a woman named Carolyn, 65,  lived at the home on fourth street with her elderly mother.  The neighbor, who refused to be identified, said that she often sees the daughter walking her dog, but hasn’t seen the mother in several years.

Employees from the city’s Department of Public Works arrived Wednesday, according to another neighbor, removing the garbage from the home and filling multiple trash bins. “It was ‘Hoarders 101,’ or even worse than the TV show,” she said

A police officer said that they’d found rats, black widow spiders, 300 bottles of urine and mold on the walls and “they felt they were in over their heads.” The officer explained that after police witnessed the ghastly domicile, a professional debris removal team was called in.

According to SFGate the home is owned by Anna and Archibald Ragin. A neighbor said that Archibald died many years ago.

Another local named Tony recounted that Carolyn told him that she was a retired Pacific Bell worker. He noticed that she had lately grown frail and was so sick the last time that he saw her, he avoided close contact with her not wanting to catch what she had.

“I feel really sad for her,” he said, adding that if people had known about her situation, “we would have helped her.”