Sacramento Easter Egg Hunt grows Violent

Easter Egg Gun (David Blackwell / Flickr / Creative Commons)
Easter Egg Gun (David Blackwell / Flickr / Creative Commons)

On Saturday, an Easter Egg Hunt in Sacramento that was attempting to become the world’s largest prompted parents to push other children aside as they maneuvered to grab the hidden eggs and prizes for their own children.

The event was hosted by Blue Heart International, which helps victims of human trafficking. The group’s founder, Blake McCall said, “We’re doing this to raise awareness for blue heart international the nonprofit my wife and I started. We’re really passionate about helping children rescued out of human trafficking in our community,” according to CBS Sacramento.

510,000 eggs were hidden around the state Capitol, and children could get their faces painted or jump in bounce houses. But some parents were irate with the chaos that ensued. One mother reportedly said, “There was no organization at all, they all trampled each other. Little two and three year olds were crying. The parents were scooping up all of the eggs for their kids and it was horrible.”

The current world record of 501,000 eggs was set in a 2007 hunt in Florida, according to the Sacramento Bee.

There were no barricades erected to bar people from grabbing the eggs before the hunt began, according to the Bee; organizers did not verify the VIP tickets.

In the end, the record was not broken because the eggs only arrived two days before the event, which was past the deadline for Guinness World Records certification.