SF Chronicle: Anarchists Turn to Capitalism During Oakland Book Fair

Occupy Protest (File/Reuters)

Anarchists are generally known for their rejection of authority and capitalism. Their views were prominently displayed through the Occupy protests of 2011-2. Yet at the 20th annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair in Oakland last weekend, there was plenty of capitalism taking place, the San Francisco Chronicle noted.

“Everyone has to live within a certain level of hypocrisy,” an anarchist named Steven told the Chronicle. He noted that “it’s almost impossible to break out from under the thumb of capitalism. We’re here selling books, but it’s not like we’re selling microwaves or televisions.”

Among several popular books being sold was illustrated children’s book, A Rule Is to Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy, which is available for sale on Amazon.com. “Amazon is affiliated with the CIA. I don’t buy from them,” Tristen Schmidt, a child care worker from Alameda, told the Chronicle.

Chapters in the book reportedly include, “Give away stuff for free,” “Think for yourself,” and “Cake for dinner!”

In an interview with RockerZine.com, which touts itself as “a lifestyle magazine for mature hipsters,” co-author Jana said Questioning authority is every citizen’s responsibility!”

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