Californians Support Obama but Are Wary of Iran Deal

AP Photo
AP Photo

Unsurprisingly, a new Field Poll survey in the heavily Democratic state indicates a majority of Californians still support President Barack Obama.

Over half of respondents, 53%, approve of Obama, while 35% of voters dissent. His approval ratings have dipped from 57% in a February Field Poll survey but are higher than September of 2014, when they were 45%.

Concerning Obama’s handling of the economy, 55% of respondents approved, despite the fact that in March, only five states in the country had a higher unemployment rate than California’s 6.5% rate.

Californians are sanguine about Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran; 47% of respondents approve, while 33% disapprove, and 60% 0f voters and 48% of registered Democrats think Congress should be able to negate Obama’s deal if they stand against removing economic sanctions, a vital component of the forthcoming agreement.