President Obama Hosts World Series Champion SF Giants

Barack Obama, Bruce Bochy
The Associated Press

The San Francisco Giants visited President Barack Obama for the third time in five years on Thursday. The Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals in an exciting seven-game series last fall highlighted by the hill heroics of pitcher Madison Bumgarner.

“So last October, Madison [Bumgarner] put together a string of performances that I think is pretty hard to believe—and I’m not talking about his locker room celebrations,” Obama told the team (Bumgarner simultaneously chugged multiple beers as a victory ritual). “Twenty-five years old and is already one of the best pitchers in postseason history.  For his career, he’s 4-0 with a 0.25 ERA in the World Series. Last year, he set a new record for postseason innings pitched.”

Bumgarner’s stable mate Tim Lincecum stayed home. He attended past White House ceremonies with the Giants. But he faces the Phillies Friday and favored rest. “I hope he doesn’t miss me,” Lincecum told the AP. “I don’t want to seem ungrateful.”

Giants CEO Larry Baer gave the president a base—not the first time San Francisco gave Obama a base—signed by the Giants.

“A third term perhaps?” Baer petitioned.

“Michelle will not allow that,” Obama retorted. “The Constitution is a problem, too.”

When has that ever stopped him?